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Appliance Repair in Oakville

Many appliance repair companies service the Oakville area, and when one of your appliances breaks down, it’s tempting to call the first one on the list. But taking the time to do a little research will help you to find the service you deserve.

First, look for a company that offers same-day service. You’ll want to get your household up and running as soon as possible. And be sure to ask about other aspects of the repair company, for example

• Are technicians licensed and bonded?
• Does the company have manufacturers’ authorization for various brands?
• Does the company offer a promise of guaranteed satisfaction?
• Does it charge a flat fee for labour?
• Do they have a good warranty for labour and for parts?
• Do they have a reputation for honesty and a good track record?

Build a relationship with a great appliance repair company in Oakville and keep everything in your household running smoothly.
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Appliance Repair Services in Oakville


Chances are you chose the appliances for your Oakville home with care. Whether you’re having trouble with your induction range or your washer is leaking, whether there’s condensation on the glass of your wine cooler, or you need help installing a ventilation hood, it’s important that the repair service you receive goes above and beyond.


Superb Customer Service


You need a repair service with a great track record and a reputation for honesty and integrity. The licensed technicians that visit your home should treat your appliances with respect, working efficiently and knowledgeably to resolve any issues quickly. Some superior companies even offer maintenance services or safety checks. Technicians can improve the performance of your fridge by cleaning the condensers periodically. You could test the safety of your microwave by having a repair technician test for leaks.




If your appliances are still under warranty when a problem occurs, you’ll need to find a repair company with manufacturer’s authorization for the brand. Even if your warranty has expired, it’s good to check to see whether the company has the manufacturer’s authorization. It assures familiarity with the brand and its products, and the company is more likely to carry any replacement parts that may be necessary.


Check to see what kind of warranty the appliance repair company in Oakville offers on their labour and parts. Industry standard is 30 days on labour and 90 days on parts, but superior companies may offer longer terms.

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